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Rittenhouse Leadership Consulting (RLC) is a leadership consulting firm.

We help our clients achieve their business objectives by building amazing teams and leaders. RLC designs tailored solutions based on the client’s needs.  These solutions include but are not limited to teamwork and leadership programs, media and marketing strategies and executive coaching. The programs are designed and implemented at the highest standards of excellence.

RLC's team of bright and experienced professionals are available to provide counsel, strategy, training, program implementation and short-term management.  Our firm will create, enhance and refine programs and strategies to deliver extraordinary value to our clients' bottom lines.

Rittenhouse Leadership Consulting is ready to help your organization achieve its business objectives.  Engage us to manage projects, build teams and unleash infinite possibilities.


Strategic Management

That Achieves Results

  • Short Term Project Management

  • Cultural Alignment​ 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Restructuring

  • Executive Sales Training

Building Teams

That Outperform

  • Engagement

  • Creative Thinking

  • Team Performance​

  • Social Media

  • Facilitation ​

Building Leaders

That Grow the Business

  • Leadership Skills

  • Behavioral Change​

  • Career Planning​

  • Strategic Thinking​

  • Management Development​

  • Business Etiquette​



Rittenhouse Leadership Consulting has a team of exceptional and results-driven leaders dedicated to helping our clients solve problems in today's fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment. The RLC Team is led by

Scheryl Glanton, CEO and Sherry Bellamy, COO.

Offices:  Philadelphia, PA and Washington, D.C.

Scheryl W. Glanton

Principal and Leadership Consultant

Former IBM and Accenture Sales Executive

Sherry Bellamy, Esq.

Pricinpal and Leadership Consultant

Former Verizon Deputy General Counsel



Scheryl W. Glanton

“Scheryl was instrumental in bringing new thinking to the planning and implementation of our 20th Anniversary celebration, specifically in recommending and securing the Barnes Foundation and the execution of an exclusive evening for our stakeholders and clients.”

Tina Williams, CEO of FIS Group

“As a former partner and officer of Country Elegance, retail establishment, and colleague at IBM, I believe Scheryl’s ability to define the problem, analyze the situation and develop a strategic course of action is what sets her apart from her competition.”

Lavida Allen, COO and  Treasurer of Country Elegance, Inc.

“Scheryl, as an investor and short-term manager for Dogwood Housing, had a major impact by bringing process, managerial experience and cost savings (e.g. converting residential to commercial for company use) to the organization.  She also spearheaded the successful sell of Dogwood Housing (and associated partnerships). “

Eugene Williams, Founder and General Manager of Dogwood Housing Limited Partnership , Five-Eleven Associates and AEW Partnership

"Scheryl is a consummate professional that provides her clients with great consulting solutions and outcomes that meet their needs. Her consulting relationships are bolstered by her ability to connect with clients and business leaders at all levels, which increases her ability to engage and provide excellent management consulting programs."

Anthony Moore, CEO Paradigm Group Consultants



Sherry Bellamy, Esq.


"I worked with Sherry during my time as General Manager of Verizon Washington, DC. She is the ultimate professional. Sherry was always willing to help; whether with a legal matter or with a personnel issue. I appreciated her ability to assess a situation, identify the key points, and develop a recommendation. Sherry’s advice was always spot-on. She was thoughtful, thorough, and direct. Even more, Sherry has a moral compass that puts integrity at true north. As a result, you have a great deal of confidence in her guidance. She has an enormous ability to display calmness in the middle of stormy situations." Sherry’s keen business insight and in-depth professional knowledge puts her at the top of her field.

Glenn Jones, Customer Service and Operations Management

"Sherry and I worked together at Verizon Communications. Sherry is an excellent attorney and strategist and knows the telecom industry inside and out. Sherry is practical, diligent and a joy to work with."

Julie C. Chen, Attorney

"Sherry is a superb lawyer and executive team member. She provided key guidance and advice on significant mergers and acquisitions central to the business goals of Verizon and Verizon Business, achieved excellent results on cases important to Verizon and Verizon Business, and was always available to to consult with and provide counsel to her colleagues and executive and senior business managers."

Stephen Bozzo, Attorney

Modern City


RLC Consultants adapt to new projects and cultures, working hard and smart to solve problems and provide fresh insights.  Most of all, RLC Consultants love learning and uncovering the infinite possibilities.



Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.

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